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We have a free dance class for both adults and children.

Dance Lessons in the City

The City has over 300 Dance Classes (at the Children’s Discovery Museum or at the Children’s Discovery Museum and Art Museum).

Dance Lessons in the Town of St. Helens

St. Helens offers dancing lessons and free yoga classes at the St. Helens School of Dance (832 NW 1st St., St. Helens) 8:30am-1pm. Classes are every Tuesday from 5-8pm.

Free Yoga

Yoga classes for children are available at the Bellevue Center Public School at 521 NE 2nd St. Bellevue, WA 98003 (425) 451-6161

Yoga classes for adults and community members will be at the Bellevue Community Center at 521 NE 2nd St. (425) 451-6161 – see a map here.

Yoga and Dance for Women

Paid and non-paid Yoga classes (with children)

Women’s and Babysurfing classes for both adults and kids are offered at the Downtown Women’s Center – Bellevue Community Center. 7:00-9:00pm.

See our Yoga Schedule for information.

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The second presidential debate was called off after about six hours, after a Trump supporter punched the chair of Hillary Clinton and then Trump himself.

After the first presidential debate, Donald Trump’s first question to Bill Clinton (via CNN)

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that while both of his wives have a “great temperament”, he won’t make her the first female president.

“As a husband and a very proud father, I can tell you that she’s got tremendous strengths and I think she would be a fantastic president,” Trump told CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Trump was responding to an allegation by Alicia Machado, who had accused Bill Clinton of touching her in a sexual manner during their affair.

Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended the candidate: “As Trump points out, Bill Clinton wasn’t the first person to make false claims about Hillary Clinton, so it’s not too late for him to say sorry now”.

Later on Wednesday morning, Machado did issue a statement saying she had been wrong to accuse the former president, but she also accused Trump and Clinton supporters of perpetrating “sexist” attacks.

She also said that President Obama’s

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