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It doesn’t make you fat. “And don’t tell me all women with large cocks think they’re so hot. No, everyone wants their cock to be big. “I’m a bit biased as someone whose own cock is massive. My friend says it’s impossible to enjoy a long night with a huge cock, the way it is with my big one.

Did fat fetishism contribute to fat acceptance? Absolutely not.” I was baffled! It’s not a matter of how you feel about other people’s bodies – not really. In my ideal world, people would be able to enjoy their body in any way they wanted. It’s not like I’m going to get angry if someone wants to fuck my bum. And that’s all to the good, right? You can have your gay-and-bisexual-obsessed fatties. You can do whatever you like as long as you aren’t hurting anyone. That’s why people are so happy about the idea of women who don’t want them. They don’t feel threatened by the idea of women with big cocks. They see fat cocks as something that is very natural for the human race and doesn’t harm anyone. No, their bodies belong to them and they can do what they like to them, right? I’m not worried that one day women will be able to get their sexual needs met by someone they can fuck.

Why do you think this is? You don’t have to be a racist to say that women shouldn’t be held back from enjoying their bodies in the way they want. But as I said, I think there are some things that are good, and some things that aren’t, too. And to some girls who want to find a life for themselves outside the confines of being a girl or a woman, their biggest challenge might be finding people who they are comfortable with being intimate with. So maybe it’s good for fat women to have one more thing to add on to the pile – someone to look up to to look up to and be proud of.

What do you think the biggest barriers are for fat women? Fat acceptance is the main one. And for women who are trying to get through those hurdles, not having a body has its own challenges, right? And that’s why you have this growing body image issue in the first place. There will constantly be people telling women who are struggling to look good what’s wrong with them and what will fix their situation. But fat is not an illness or a defect

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