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It all depends on how it feels to perform, the style of dancing and the person who does it. Some dancers are very open and outgoing, others hide behind their choreography to create a certain atmosphere of mystery. For example, a dancer is often referred to as a “trim” because of their ability to dance in many different body types. A dancer might be described as a slender or slender with a slight bulk, depending on how their body is built out.

Does pole dancing make you fat?

Yes, but the way you dance has more to do with your body type than you are using your pole to “fit” in people.

Can you make an adult pole?

Yes. Adult pole dancing is now a viable industry. It’s called “adult” because it is similar to adult film. It’s not like a “porn star” that you can go see in a movie theater and be totally sure is a real person, you can try it. But be informed and you’ll always know what is real and what is not. Adult pole dancing offers a full spectrum of bodies: small, medium, large, and tall.

Where can young people learn to dance?

Young people can learn to dance with their parents, friends or at family dances. Even if your parents don’t allow it, you can attend the local dance club or youth center. Most schools allow some instruction in their dance programs or dance studios, some of your school’s dance groups or dance studios allow students to try their hand at dancing. But if your parents disapprove, you can still do pole at home.

Are there safety concerns?

There aren’t any.

What if I don’t like pole dancing?

If you have a problem with the way you dance, stop dancing. You don’t need to dance any more. If you are worried about other people getting hurt because they aren’t aware of what you are doing, then consider talking with someone about a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, sleeping the right amount, eating the right kind of food, and avoiding alcohol consumption.

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