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You are more likely to be a man or a woman if you dance: 1) for sexual pleasure 2) for physical activity and to keep the body warm 4) to keep your skin dry. Some people want to be more athletic.

Drink too much alcohol in a night (more on that in point 2).

Drink on the outside of your skin. Not the inside.

Do not work out in the morning. It will cause your blood sugar to rise in the late morning hours. If you get up early, eat a diet with lots of fruit and healthy fats.

Do not drink coffee on the way to or from the gym. It will make you sleepy and slow you down on your way to and from the gym, causing you to overcompensate for sleep deprivation by drinking more than usual.

Be careful if you are using an automated telephone machine since it can cause problems with your sleep cycle by overstimulating your brain.

Drink plenty of water.

Don’t eat any sugary foods or drink any liquids with sugar, sweetener, or preservatives.

Don’t smoke. You need both to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Drink more than one glass of wine a day.

Drink a glass of orange juice at least twice a day.

Eating healthy foods reduces the risk of diabetes. Eating a salad, fruit, or veggies does not. A salad is a good way to get a healthy breakfast and lunch.

Drink a small amount of vitamin C to help with your heart.

Avoid excess exposure to the sun.

Don’t smoke if you are a male. Women also need to avoid smoking if they are diabetic. Smoking a pack or more per day puts you at a higher risk compared to others. In a healthy body, the level of exposure of your blood to UV light (290nm). UV light is the most energy-efficient light source on the planet. When you are at sleep and your body needs energy, you burn as many calories from a single bulb of light as the amount of food you would eat in a day. If you have diabetes, you might need to reduce your number of daily light sources.

Drink more than one glass of red wine. There are over 100 types of fruits and vegetables that have no excess sugar or fructose.

Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking, if possible. You may actually benefit from the extra antioxidants that drinking alcohol offers you.

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