Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dance Class Katy Tx

Well, that’s because I’m the strongest pole dancer that is!

I’m 5’6″, 125 lbs, and I love to dance! This is my first time on pole, so I’m already making new friends on pole! I love it! A group of boys saw me do this and asked me who is that pole dancer. I told them, “Yes, I am and I’m 5’6”. “Okay”, they said.

So after our meeting, I showed these two boys a video of me dancing on the pole, and the girls were interested and asked if I would help them with a video. As you can imagine, this got my attention!

I had just come from a dance class and felt very overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed and wanted to dance! I tried to read up on pole and what is pole dancing.

I also looked up “pole dancing” and read some pole video and thought it sounded pretty cool.

I really started dancing. I began to get more confident and started to get the girls on my side.

I quickly became a pole dancer and I was getting more and more nervous but I enjoyed all of my lessons. I felt like an artist because I was learning all the moves that my body could do. So with the girls, I got an increase in my confidence.

It was definitely a good experience. It really took my confidence to another level. I even started feeling better about myself!

What is a perfect pole dance?

One of the best things is to get that perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and balance – which is what the “perfect pole dance” has to be. That is not to say I’ve had or seen all the types of pole dancing that are perfect, I’m very new to it.

So as a pole dancer, you have to have a balance between strength and flexibility.
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I know when I get the ball and I get the pole on my shoulders, I am completely relaxed. It is all muscle memory and no muscle memory. So when I get out there and I get up and I am back down, my body is relaxed and it is all muscle memory.

Another thing is to know that your pole dance is not like a dance, it is a movement. It is all about muscle memory and you have to stay focused and focus on the movement.

Some pole dancers might try to move in a way that they think is the exact opposite of the ”

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