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I’m not afraid of anything! I’ve been doing pole dancing for eight years. We have some amazing pole dancing instructors who take care of all of the basics and are very supportive when it comes to training us.

Tell me about your journey from pole to Olympic champion.

I was born in the United States and went to college in Georgia where I majored in physics. Because of my background, I became fascinated with the concept of gravity and gravity waves and decided to study astrophysics.

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I started my pole dancing journey to become a better pole dancer and eventually I made it to the pole finals at the national level when I was 21 years old. Now I am an elite professional pole dancer competing on a team at the Rio Olympics.

I am an Olympic champion and I also am an Olympic medalist in pole dancing.

Who inspires you to continue in your passion?

I would say my coach and my mom. They inspired me so much to get into pole with so much passion because everything that I believe in today is what mom taught me!

For pole dancing, they are the people who are giving pole dancing its foundation, making it an Olympic sport. They are the role models I live by.

Did your success make you change any of your own beliefs?

My coach changed so many things in my life because he is so awesome. Being a coach and an entrepreneur is not easy! When you’re new to all of this you need to have very specific rules as to what you will and won’t bring to your workouts. For example, I’ll never, ever bring my phone to a workout. I wouldn’t want someone to break their phone.

So I can’t use my phone during a workout!

I was very careful with my weight after my gymnastics experience and I’m also very careful now while at the Olympics because I know it’s going to be very difficult for me to have my feet in the Olympic rings in no time!

Your pole dancing has really impacted your entire family and friends. What are some common things that your family and friends have started to notice about your pole dancing?

Everyone in the family is very supportive of my transition and they are very proud of me. I get to show them what I could do in a very different way than they previously thought. That is pretty awesome!

One of the most common things that I noticed in my family and friends was different body types. Everyone started to notice

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