Can you spin on a static pole? – J-Lo Learning How To Pole Dance

Yes, I do spin on a static pole on a single hand dynamometer.

Can you spin on a dynamometer in the air? Not exactly…

Yes. In the air you can just spin your hand as fast as you want, with a very low resistance, because all the kinetic energy goes up in the air. It’s a little bit of a trick because you just need to give a little bit of force to make the dynamic energy go down. But if you spin from land you can spin faster.

How do you spin in the air? (Yes, I even have a free hand.)

From my perspective there’s no problem. All I need is a hand and a dynamometer. You can get a free hand in the air as long as you use a dynamometer. If you get lucky you might be able to use a hand-held dynamometer in the air which is good enough, but there’s nothing that you can get as long as you stick with the dynamometer. You do not need a portable hand dynamometer.

There is one thing which can help you spin in the air a bit better, and that is to stop the hand that you want to do the rotating at a high speed. When that hand stops, the kinetic energy goes up in the air. As a result you get a low resistance, high speed hand.

Now what should I have been doing with this…

Now you know…

(Laughs) Yeah.

Let’s imagine that I have a portable hand dynamometer and I want to demonstrate at my school class that you can spin in an instant. This hand is the smallest possible because you have to throw it at a high speed and still make it spin at the end.

How does it work? I just want you to try it because it’s fascinating, but first, I think I’ll show you how I hold the dynamo that spins the hand, and the distance that you have to throw it. (Hesitating) Oh, okay we were looking at each other. Now you have thrown the dynamo at the end of your hands by your wrist!

Okay okay! I think this will do it.

You have to do two things with this hand. It needs to be able to work over a couple of feet long. For example it will need to spin at the high speed in an instant, without you doing anything, so that you will have no resistance when you throw

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