Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Pole Dancing Classes Near Menifee Ca County Assessor

A: Well, it depends. I can do a 10-minute high jump from a pole.

Q: So what exactly is your pole dancing background?

A: I don’t know if people can tell — we’ve been dancing for a long time. I’m still a junior high kid so I guess you could call me an adult.

Q: What did you go to high school for?

A: I went to North Side High School of the Midwest in Minneapolis, which, yes, is a suburb of Chicago.

Q: Okay, so when did you get your first pole?

A: I got my first pole dance at 10 years old.

Q: Wow. What was happening?

A: Well, my mom sent me out of the house with this fat kid and told me to find someone to dance with. I came home from school, I saw them on the street, and they were like, “Come here. Let’s dance.” And we went into a park down there in north Minneapolis. We were there all day, I remember.

Q: Wow! Was there anything particularly crazy about your first pole?

A: That’s tough…

Q: You just told me what happened at 10 years old — you were just a kid, you don’t know anything now, do you?

We’re in a public park in Minneapolis. The guy who was my pole dance partner comes out to me, he’s about 30 years old, and he tells me, “You have to learn how to pole dance.”

I look at him like he’s crazy, and he goes, “Yep, sure I do.”

[The man introduces himself as “Tony,” a former employee who was working at the park] “Tony,” you should know this park like nobody.

Q: This park is right here, right?

A: Yeah, there’s this park across from here, right.

When I told Tony (Tony had been a park employee since 2002 and left his job several years ago), he was like, “Well, if you just hang out and talk, you’ll remember every minute.”
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Q: But you don’t remember what you were doing there, right? You probably just told them what you did.

A: That’s right.

Q: OK, do you remember any kind of story of why they asked you to come over here

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