Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Yes! We’ve got some great tips on how to master pole dancing in this video. We’ve got tricks, tips and routines for all levels. The ultimate pole dancing guide for beginners and professionals!

Can I learn pole dancing for kids?

Unfortunately, no. There will be no pole dancing lessons for children under age six.

Are there lessons for toddlers?

Sadly, no. There is a minimum age requirement for classes. However, all of the dances in this curriculum are based on classical dances and we can help you learn them if you want.

Is it possible to learn the classic European routines while I’m doing pole dancing?

Unfortunately, no – all of the choreography is based on classical dance, so you will need to read the instruction manual and watch the videos.

Is pole dancing possible on the elliptical chairs at the gym?

Yes! But you will have to set your own seat and get your own ball if you want to keep it out there for the whole night. We’ll have some tips for learning the pole dance here.
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Does it make sense to use other movements of the body besides the traditional European move?

This is a very good question. It really depends on what activity you do in the middle of the night. If you’re practicing a rhythm dance, then there is no harm in switching to pole. If you’re practicing a dance like ballet, the opposite is true, so you do not have to change. There are a variety of moves used for each type of dance and if you want to learn them all, do NOT change the way that you do them. One of the principles in learning the dance is to develop muscle memory and memorized patterns while performing the dance in a relaxed way.

What do I do when I find the floor bare?

To avoid falling off, put your feet on the pole and let the floor give way so that you can catch up on the ground.

Does my body type need to be big for pole dancing?

Unfortunately, no. We want to make sure that beginners are able to get into pole dancing and advanced dancers have a sense of balance but not body build. If your body type is too flexible to use the pole in an advanced way then take a break and come back later. It is okay if your form is not as good as beginner, but don’t try to force your way into the advanced dances.

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