Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes? – Free Dog Walker Business Cards

Well, this question goes to the heart of what it means to train our dogs, how important they are, and, even more importantly, to how much control we need within this training process. I’m about to break down all the major reasons why you should avoid retractable leashes for your own dog.

It’s never been easier to train your dog.
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Since the early 1970s, the use of retractable dog leashes has been extremely easy and affordable – they’ve changed the industry! You can get them, get them fast and save.

Why is it so hard to train your dog?

It has been easy to make dog leashes for dogs like our feline companion. But with modern technology, dog owners are able to get their dog trained much more easily and quickly than it ever was before. What is it about the modern training method that makes it so easy for you to train?

The Dog Trainability Revolution is coming and you’re all in for it – get ready for your dog’s best future!

Now let’s review the major reasons why dog trainers will avoid retractable leashes.

1. When your dog’s leash retracts, you’re not being used to the way your dog’s body moves

If your dog keeps his leash on your front bumper and you walk or run errands with the leash attached to our tail-pads, you’re used to his body turning 90 degree on you. It may feel uncomfortable at first to go through this, but it won’t bother your dog.

If, however, your dog keeps his leash on his collar or a leash attached to a collar or leash attached to a collar, then his body motion feels unnatural to you. It will feel uncomfortable to walk with the leash attached to your mouth or collar on your body, even on a mild day. The leash is your one-way communication with your dog. But when he retracts the leash, his body turns 180 degrees on you. It will affect your dog’s exercise, and therefore his fitness. And if your dog’s exercise becomes impaired, he will be more likely to show signs of aggression towards you.

2. There is a significant risk of injuries from the leash slipping or coming loose

In most breeds of dogs, there’s a little bit of risk factor from a leash slipping or coming loose. We like a leash that is at least 2 inches longer than the dog’s length when she’s walking. That way,

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