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States that require a dog license vary in many ways, but we have been informed there are 14 common requirements that apply to all and many different situations. A state may require training from a licensed groomer, but may not require the dog to be registered. This can be very important to dogs with allergies or other health issues. The states below provide a list of dog grooming requirements in each common type of case.

What does the state require?

New Hampshire requires a licensed groomer for a $75 fee to operate the business if the pet is to be groomed, as well as $100 for dogs that cannot be groomed in a manner considered appropriate or safe.

How do I apply for state licensure?

State licensing procedures vary, but New Hampshire requires an application (PDF, 941 KB). You will have to complete the application in person and bring your dog to a state law enforcement officer if the dog has any health issues.

I don’t live in New Hampshire, can I apply?

If you live in another state, you may choose to apply in that state without having to wait for a license to be issued. New Hampshire has a long list of applications for the licensing process.

What happens if I don’t get a license?

Many states have a process where a non-reserved license can be used for the business. Some of the states below provide a list of places where this can be done.

What happens if I don’t get my dog groomed?

State law restricts the business from taking any animals into the operation, but many states allow for a non-reserved license.

If my dog is not up to standard, can I have them taken away?

State law provides that dogs and animals may remain indefinitely while “in quarantine” following their grooming, so dogs can receive necessary health care and even go back into active service or training.

What if my dog is hurt or suffers injury?

State law requires that in addition to the above requirements, the grooming business must ensure all dogs are groomed properly and in a responsible manner. You also have to provide proper veterinary care to your dog. If you suffer an accident that injures your dog, you are required to notify the state within 7 days of the accident.

If I need a special license, can I just order one online?

NO! New Hampshire’s government cannot allow businesses to simply order state licenses online. The

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