What do I need to take to the zoo with a baby? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Dnr Hunting

In-House Zoo Care Center staff can answer questions or offer suggestions on what species to bring with you.

The information you receive will likely be based on what animals are in the facility.

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Baby elephants, gorillas, hyenas, pandas, etc. can be brought anywhere in the Zoo.

Baby elephants and gorillas can be brought to our in-house Zoo Care Center after being registered at the Elephant and Guinea Pig Exhibit. If you would like a baby elephant or gorilla to stay at your exhibit for the duration of the year, please purchase a pass.

Do I have to bring food with me?

Absolutely not. All items are included with zoo admission.

What are the hours of Operation?

The animal care center is open from 9:50–12:00 daily in the spring, Summer and Fall.

Are there animals that have special requirements?

Yes. When we are open, it is our policy to accommodate all animals that require special care.

In-House Zoo Care Center staff will work with you to find the specific care and needs of the animal you will be bringing into the Zoo.

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