Is selling dog food profitable? – How To Start An Online Pet Supply Business

Let’s take a look:

Dogs are carnivores.

In my experience, they are happy to eat meat. They just find it easier to eat other things than humans. Just look at a pig, a cow, a cat, a horse – they are happy to eat even the most horrific of food. (They do have a soft spot for humans, but that is just a bonus for a dog.)

In the past, if you sold only dog food you had some success selling dog food. This is no longer the case because so many people don’t want to buy dog food. This leads to lower animal prices and higher profits.

Dog Food

Just about all dogs love cat food. However dog owners often don’t buy dog food. In fact, dog food sales have declined for the second consecutive year with dogs now holding 15 percent of the market.

We don’t know why, because nobody in the food industry wants to admit to anything that might give customers an advantage.


In the U.S., there is a significant cost to having dogs. Even if someone’s pet isn’t a dog, many pets need daily attention so having them by the bedside all day is very expensive– $4,000– $6,000 a year.

Since food is so expensive, it stands to reason that a company would try to sell more of a product that had to be paid for at an increasing rate. Dog food is not a small product.

Many people use pet food products with no problem. Some people do find that in certain countries their dog’s food is not the most nutritious dog food out there; that’s why some companies make dog food even more expensive.

How Much Does Every Dog Eat?

According to the Humane Society:

Every person needs one-half serving per day of whole canned dog food, dry dog food or dry dog food. In 2008, an estimated 1.1 million Americans ate no more than one-half serving of dogs per day.

In this study, it was determined that most dogs, if they wanted to eat a high-quality meal each day, would have to spend at least $2 a day on dogs and $4/day on dry cat food.

Dogs Eat Dogs, Not Canned Foods

One thing to keep in mind if you don’t think dog food is healthy is that dog food is not necessarily a whole grain food.


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