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Can I deduct the cost of the pet?

No: If a business pays you to provide pet sitting services, the cost of the service is excluded from your net income as income from a business.

The cost of pet sitting provides you with a service you provide to the general public and to a limited group of people in an employer-provided apartment or residence for a fee. It may be one-time or recurring.

For more information, please review Publication 590-F and Publication 525-F for Business Tax Preparers. If there are multiple employees who act as a single person serving a client or client group, then some or all of the expenses can be excluded from gross income in the case of an employment relationship. In the case of a non-employee independent contractor, however, the expenses may be included in gross income based on the percentage of each employee’s total compensation of the employment relationship.

Pet Sitting Service in a Residential Community

Generally, a person providing pet sitting services in a residential community where most or all of the work is performed by a single worker, and who generally works at his or her home, needs no further qualifications, experience, training, or qualifications in order to qualify to qualify as a service provider.

Generally, each service provider must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and an individual who has applied to the State of Ohio to become a qualified pet sitter.

In applying to become a qualified pet sitter, a person applying for a license to engage in pet sitting must demonstrate experience and knowledge that is necessary to comply with the Ohio pet sitter licensing requirements, and any of the other qualifications provided for in the Ohio law.

If you have a question about the qualifications required or how to apply, contact the appropriate county animal control agency, who may be able to help you. If you are an independent contractor, you can contact a licensed Ohio tax preparer for assistance. The application process consists of completing an annual application form, signing a legal release and/or bond, giving all pertinent information to the application processing company, and paying the application charges.

There are specific rules for pet sitting in residential communities which may be subject to change without notice. Read the following information for more details: Pet Dumping

In cases of intentional pet dumping of a dog or cat during regular business hours, there is a criminal fine of up to $500 or up to 3 months maximum imprisonment.

The court must require the person to

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