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In a 2007 survey of dog walkers by a group called the Dog Walkers’ Alliance, nearly two thirds of them said that they did it exclusively for the profit. It’s the big money!

So it’s not like dog walking is inherently bad. And on the one hand, you might think that all dog-walkers are evil geniuses, but there’s just something about a dog that makes you want to run and hide for a second.

Here’s why: Dogs are smart, but not as smart as us.

As a guide dog, she can see pretty well too. For your dog, though, it will be better if she sees at least 80% of the world around her. When a dog walks, she uses visual clues, body gestures, and emotional cues to guide the way she walks and where she goes.

A dog doesn’t understand the concept of smell

For example, if a dog spots a cat, she knows to stop and look. When a human looks at a cat, he or she probably runs right at the animal, which makes the cat a target for other predators like hyenas and hyenas can smell when prey comes in or out of view.

Dogs can also smell when it’s safe to step away, where they can go, or how the people are reacting with fear or happiness. And they can also learn tricks as they practice them with you.

How good are dog walking skills then? Well, it depends on how well trained they are at their jobs, and how good you are.

Dog walking instructors may teach a dog to do tricks for you or give tips as to how to do a specific walk. If you walk with a qualified dog walker you should understand how to tell when a dog is happy in a situation or not happy. You should also know how to calm yourself so you can stop and watch at the right moments.

If you live in a large city, a trained dog could even be an asset in a park setting where you wouldn’t have a dog on your own. The dog would know where the humans are, where you are, and even how many people are around and what they are doing.

You could even take a dog for walks as part of your regular routine.

Is Dog Walking for Me?

There are lots of great guides out there that offer a wealth of information about dog walking. It would be helpful to read their posts, as

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