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A zoo licence entitles the keeper to take animals on the show, as well as to keep the animals themselves. The licence is usually bought for a fixed fee that can be as low as $500 or as high as $17,500. There is no guarantee that a show will result in the zoo maintaining or acquiring a licence to hold an animal for a period of time. The minimum annual licence fee allows a zoo licence and a non-zoo licence to run simultaneously.

How much does a pet licence cost?

It depends where you live, but usually a fee will be charged to cover the fees and costs of animal care. For an example of the costs associated with a pet licence in Australia, see National Animal Act, 2001. Some countries have specific pet licensing, such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. For a full breakdown of the pet licensing system across the world, see The Animal Welfare Union (AWU).

Where can I find out about the animal welfare standard that applies to the animal in question?

Many countries have established animal welfare standards for the care of animals. The standards differ for each type of animal in the same zoo. You may find information about animal welfare standards on the AWU web site. It’s a good idea, for example, to have a look at a list of national animal welfare standards posted online which you can search by clicking here.

The list is updated each year and includes lists of national animal welfare standards from countries outside North America.

When can I view the animal in question?

The animal is usually available to view between 7am and 7pm on weekdays and between 1pm and 3pm on weekends and public holidays in Australia. The licence, whether a zoo or non-zoo, is valid for at least one week at a time, except in the case of a public holiday.

You can search the animal by name (or by colour/colour combination), name and identification number to find what I’ve taken in. Just check the appropriate box at the top to confirm that everything is correct before you return the animals or return them for a fresh show.

Can I see the animals outside the zoo?

There may be special days/times when visitors to a zoo are allowed to see an animal outside the zoo. You may find information at the AWU website about the hours when wildlife may be seen in your area.

What are the rules for animals in a z

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