How much is a pet shop Licence? – How To Start A Dog Accessory Business

The current cost of a pet shop licence (except on Sunday) is £40, which works out about £4 per day.

What do I need to do to get a pet shop licence?

You need to obtain a pet shop licence from the City Council .

What other things are required?

To have a pet shop licence, you must have a licence of the same type you need to operate a pet shop (or equivalent business).

You must hold a valid licence for your pet shop. Please see the Business Licence Information leaflet page for more details.

If you intend to operate, or own, a pet shop, a full list of requirements that you need to include with your application and which will then be considered when your application is processed.

How do I apply for my pet shop licence?

You file an application for your pet shop licence (including an application for a commercial pet shop licence on the same premises or on an premises that does not form part of your pet shop) on forms provided by the City Council. Alternatively, you can apply for your pet shop application by emailing it to or by mail sent to:

Munich City Council Licensing Branch

Sobelhorn Building

St Joseph’s Hospital



The City Council Licensing Branch will respond within one week to your application.

If you wish to have your business open 24 hours a day, the application fees and requirements relating to the business and commercial pet shop licences are described further below.

Business Licence

If you wish to have a business operation outside of your usual role at your home, you will need to provide any further information about your business, and an application to operate as a business will need to be submitted. If you wish to obtain a commercial licence on an adjoining premises, the business licence will need to be applied for by providing two references as follows:

The first reference will need to provide your name and address where necessary to establish your name and address and that is also used to establish whether this is a house or house building.

The second reference will need to indicate that they are an authorised professional to practise their profession in this capacity or to the relevant business, if an establishment of this kind is operating there.

Contact your local council office in your area for further information.

Commercial Pet Shop

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