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Pet sitters are required to pay a fee to the City of Chicago or to a private facility, such as a pet-sitting company, to obtain a license from the city. This does not include any of the fees that accompany the establishment of a business license. In an increasing number of cities, however, pet sitters are required to obtain a municipal license to perform their services, which may include licensing fees. A city license to perform your pet sitter services may apply to the dog-walking business as well as the pet sitting business.

What is not covered by a pet sitter license?

Although most municipalities have passed pet sitter licenses that are not applicable to pet sitting, some cities may not. Many municipalities provide license fees to pet sitters, without requiring that the pet sitters must comply with local laws regarding dog-walking and pet sitting. You should ask the city clerk as to whether your municipality has a licensing ordinance that defines a pet sitter. If so, you may be able to negotiate a license fee that is less than a pet sitter license. For further information, please contact your local city.

Are there any fees that I should know about when applying for a pet sitter license in my city?

When you apply, you will be asked to submit a $75 application fee (plus a $25 registration fee and a $5 license fee). However, many cities do not require any additional fees; if you live in one that does not, take advantage of their flexibility. If you purchase your license from the City of Chicago or a pet-sitting company, the fees are included in the purchase price of the license. The City of Chicago’s fees may vary according to the size of the city.

You are considered licensed when you have an active permit issued by the City of Chicago.

You have an active license while working for a pet-sitting company, if the company employs someone whose license has expired. (If a business employs more than one pet sitter, then two licenses are issued for each pet sitter.)

You have a license when you have a city-issued permit in place.

You are considered licensed when you have a permit in place from your municipality when a pet sitter is licensed.

If you are not aware of all of the laws that apply to your industry, you may want to contact the Illinois State Police Division of Licensing & Regulations at (312) 485-6823 for

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