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The average vet salary in Australia is about $122,600 a year. It includes a salary for staff, medical, administration, travel and office costs, and a bonus for good performance. That average is higher if you’re working in the veterinary field.

In the UK, a graduate vet might make around £42,800 and a veterinary student might make around £30,000-£40,000 per year.

The key qualification for a vet is either D.V.P. or D.V.O. (D.V.S.A.), but in the UK the requirements for those two jobs aren’t as rigid as they are in Australia.

How much time does a vet have?

Most vets are given around 90 hour weeks per year. That includes weekends and holidays.

What does a vet do?

They’re there to answer your veterinary questions. Your vet cares for animals in their care, like horses, farm animals and birds – most of which live up to 10 years in captivity.

Your vet works on a 24-hour shift. They also have to take the time to assess and assess and assess…

They must use special equipment to check animals. Sometimes these are referred to by an animal’s name on the label: ‘mouse’ for a mouse, for example, but they’re usually referred to as ‘electro-fibre catheter’ or even by a pet name.

Sometimes a vet has to operate on an animal, but the animal has to be unconscious before the operation, or it’s safe to operate on it.

Other times a vet must remove a needle from an animal that must be given intravenous fluids and feed it fluids directly from the bottle.

What equipment does a vet need?

It depends on if you work alone or in a veterinary group. But let’s say you work on your own or in a group of two or more vets.

Your vet might need:

A veterinary anaesthetic

A scalpel
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A scalpel for an open bite wound

An anaesthetic, to allow for blood loss. This is important to get a good blood sample.


You need an anaesthetised animal to do some operations. These might be an elective or a preventive one. You’ll need to get your vet to make sure you have an anaesthetic.

If you’re not comfortable with the anaest

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