How much do dog sitters make a day? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukulele

– $18/hour – This is the highest paid of the sitters for the most hours per day. We are not sure if the average is higher.

For those in the US, the hourly wage in NYC is $15 – and the average for pet sitters nationally is $11.05 per hour.

The average hourly paycheck for a single person in the US is $23.53.

The average for a family of 4 is $63.23

The hourly wage for a woman is $20

The hourly wage for a man is $25

Who is a sitter?

Sitters receive a salary from their job that includes health benefits, vacation and life insurance. You have the same options in your home as an employee.

Do I need a specific sitter?

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No! You can use any pet sitter that serves the house or neighborhood that suits your needs. The sitters that we list are the most likely to have the most hours per day. We do our best to keep the best price available every day. So when you’re looking at a place to rent, keep this in mind. Ask “who is available?” and if someone is looking for a sitter, that’s one less person to deal with.

How much time will I get to have my dog? – You can get away with just one minute a day!

Sitters get at least 60 minutes per day, with no limitations on when they will go home. Your dog isn’t required to be at the sitter’s house in the morning or after 7pm, if you don’t want your dog there.

The time in which you can keep your animal is not the same every day! We can usually accommodate an hour at a time, and sometimes we can give you more hours if necessary!

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