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The amount of money you earn varies greatly from park to park – some dogs will walk for free and others may charge a fee. The basic cost for a typical dog walk in London is £4 per hour. Depending on your size and fitness, you may need to spend up to 15 minutes an hour at a park. You could earn between £12 and £20 per day.

However, if you want to work at an all-time high, you could make as much as £4,000 a year. Although it would take you just four months to earn it that way, it may seem like an awfully long time to stay at home with your pug. Plus, you have to be careful about getting on your feet when the weather’s cold, and so need to look for suitable walking sites during the winter months.

Some parks close at night and are closed for longer periods to protect dogs from the elements.

Dog walking jobs at dog parks

There are dozens of dog walk jobs which are available for you to apply for, as a dog walker in London. Dog walks vary greatly in price – ranging between 30p to £6. On the job you can get around the whole city, or just one area.

Dogs can be offered in most dog parks, although some offer more flexible work hours. But all dog parks in London open seven days a week, so you will receive plenty of opportunities to walk and groom your dog and feed them. A dog walking job in London is a great, long-term career move for any young adult who wants to work at a dog park without the pressures of student life.

Many dog parks are in the city centre and allow you to do one-off walks of as long as you wish, at regular intervals of up to two hours. If you want the flexibility and time off on your evenings and weekends, you could work from late-night to early mornings.

But you won’t get to sit in an office and look after a lot of dogs at the same time – you need some flexibility to juggle your daily schedule while you walk your best friend from one park to the next.

Dog walk jobs at dog parks in London

The number of dog walks available to dog walkers throughout the course of an evening in London varies depending on the park. The most active dog parks offer dog walks with a maximum number of dogs which vary from about 50 up to 3,000 by the end of the night.

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