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Can you turn a profit from your dog walking activities? Can you sell the dogs you have trained? Can you do it all in your backyard? How much will you make?

Dogs & Dogs: How Can I Find Out If I Can Become a Dog Trainer at My Age?

At first, you may think that if you want to become a dog trainer, it should be at your 40-something years. You’ve lived a long time!

For example, you’ve taken all the classes, you’ve seen all the presentations, you’ve done all the work.

What if you find out that, to become a dog walker, you’ll have to be 40 years old?

You’ll still be able to do a lot of the things you enjoyed before, but you won’t have the same opportunities.

You could end up making a little money, but you may have a hard time earning any interest in working as a dog walker.

To determine if you can or should become a dog walker, ask yourself these questions and answers.

Can I do this as my full time job?

If so, you may have to train multiple dogs, or you may work in a daycare setting.

You will probably have to pay more on a salary basis for the dogs you work with and the people you supervise.

Can I make any money at dogs?

Probably – if you earn enough in your field.

You can earn plenty of money doing dog walks, and you can make extra money selling and training dogs you’ve trained as a hobby. However, if you go through the entire training-to-sell process, you may find that you’ll be working only a few hours a day.

A lot of this advice applies to every hobby or profession. But there are different types of dog owners, different degrees of training experience, different income and earnings potentials for every activity and job.

The Bottom Line – Can You Become a Dog Trainer at Your Age?

If you’re thinking about becoming a dog walker, I hope you find this article interesting and useful.

I am so confident that you will enjoy working as a dog walker that I’ve given the advice that I thought was the most sensible. You should just have fun and not feel as though you have to worry about money.

You can earn plenty of money, learn your skills and start looking for a job.

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