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There are no real hard and fast rules here, but dogs have been known to be capable of staying under two feet at the time of taking a pee; and some dogs are just very strong; so it depends on exactly how hard they want to pee. If your dog peeing frequently, you can use a soft sprayer rather than a spray collar. It’s also a good idea to be sure to have the dog on a leash so you can supervise their peeing from a safe distance.

What’s the best form of potty training for dogs?

Although some dogs like to get their own potty but most dogs just naturally want to get their bowls in and let loose. Try both types of training and see which one works better for your dog.

Some breeds of dogs can pee under four feet (6ft2) of solid material. This allows them to be good on solid surfaces and can be a very effective means of training your dog so that they don’t need to go under another piece of potty material.

There are many types of potty pads, potty training pads, and so on in order to suit your dog’s needs.

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In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the film, we have put together the below infographic of the original version of The Hunger Games, which includes all the official releases of the movies, as well as two other original adaptations of the books written by Suzanne Collins. Click for more details.


If you’re a regular reader of this magazine, you’ve seen it all. The same old shit every time.

And the same old piss-poor reviews. The same old jokes and aplomb from critics who never really seem to be able to do anything new except piss on some poor sap’s work for money. The same old bullshit that gets passed around every year, from editors who only seem interested in making more money and not doing anything creative or fun.

So, what’s to be done?

In an effort to save these reviews, The Ringer will no longer be accepting new submissions. In short, it’ll be deleted unless you’re an editor or a writer who really wants to write about these movies, and we welcome you to submit your own work.

The first piece from a few years ago has been republished here: The Best Comedy Movies of The 2012

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