How long can you leave a dog alone? – Arthur Arthur’s Pet Business D.W The Copycat Paw

I could not think of one. The worst that can happen is that the dog won’t eat. It can be quite stressful and the stress of leaving him alone at home can trigger problems. The thing is, when he is not chewing, he is doing everything he can to stay alive. He will lick your hair, lick your hands, lick the walls, and even lick the door to the house; just from walking or from going to potty. In this situation, feeding him is a problem and not going to be solved by letting him have a little cuddle.

Can I give a dog some time to go outside? The answer is yes. It only takes to 15 seconds of his not chewing to have him calm down and relax so you can walk with him.

Can you give a dog a walk when it’s raining? I think it is OK with your dog. They know when the weather warms up, so that’s a good time for them to go outside for a walk.

Can you get inside the dog’s crate and give her some fresh air before he goes outside? Yes, that’s fine and I find that giving them a little bit of fresh air and a nice, clean dog bed before they walk outside is actually useful for them. It works better than just leaving them by the door all day.

Can I get a dog to go outside in the summertime? Yes. For those working on the property for example (which includes dogs) you’ll find dogs going outside on their own time.
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Can you feed your dog if he is in his crate? Feeding your dog is not the same thing as feeding from your own dish. I like to get a treat from my bowl, then put the food right then and there into the dog’s cage where he will eat it. Then there will be no problem to get him out of his crate.

Can you feed the dog food in a bowl while he is in his crate? Yes. Do not feed the dog food while he is in his crate. He will find a way and try to bite your hand when you are picking up some of his food. This is not right. The dog will only bite the other hand.

Can you give the dog some treats for his good manners? Dogs are very loyal. If they try to bite you, don’t give them a treat unless you want to run or hit them. If he doesn’t react well to you, don’t go for a walk with him

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