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I can walk both dogs at once, but a little extra work is in order for each dog. It takes a little more time and patience from each dog; they are more tired when they go for a walk as they are also more tired when they lay down. I think a good guideline for two dogs is 5 miles for one dog and 2 miles for the other.
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Can dogs compete for the same title as a human?

Yes. Dognapped (having a human’s eyes) can be entered into the Dognapped Championship in the United States. It is held about twice a year in August. This annual event is open to anyone with a dognapped eye. Also, all dog races on the International Dognapped Association (IDA) (which is also a charity) web page also contain the Dognapped Championship.

For more information, see DOGS WE LOVE! by Michael Nollet

Do I have to buy a badge for each dog?

No, you only need a badge for the number of dogs you walk and the number of people you know. There is no need for additional information about a person, such as their full name or any other personal information. These badges give us a glimpse into the lives of our friends and neighbors and we do not expect that you would want to share them publicly.

I walk my own dogs. Are the dognapped dogs included in that total? Can the Dognapped Championship be registered on a separate website?

No, the web site is for registered dognapped dog owners only. Therefore, we have not registered the site. However, all of your friends have the same rights to access and read the registration form.

There are several websites that have already registered the site including: (US only)

Can I use those sites to register for the

No, but the web site has already included information that gives you access to the registration form.

What is the penalty for registering the site?

We do not have a penalty. However, this web site can be used in various ways. You can post photos on the web site, post comments, use it as part of your

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