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We are always experimenting with new and exciting ideas for treats, and we think these may be the coolest of them all! You can check out all the different treats we’ve come up with on Pinterest. The best part about recipes like this is that you never know what you’ll be making!

Here’s the recipe:


2 C. raw unsweetened shredded carrots

4 T. peanut butter (or coconut oil)

1 T. hemp hearts

2 t. natural peanut butter

2 t. hemp hearts

1 t. hemp seeds

1 t. sunflower seeds

1 t. nutritional yeast

Pinch of salt


Hamas has warned Israel that a day of confrontation with the Palestinians will result in the destruction of Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and a “red line” will be crossed.

In a statement aired on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV on Tuesday, the organisation said Israel was prepared to “ruthlessly attack” its people in response to its latest rocket and mortar launches from Gaza.

“And this will escalate in the coming days until a day when a red line will be crossed … The response to this aggressive aggression … will come in the most severe manner … [and] will include the total destruction of the State of Palestine,” the text quoted from the statement said.

The statement warned that any actions that “disrupt” or “stir up” a regional “coup d’etat” will end with the establishment of a Hamas state.

The group also called on Islamic extremists to join Hamas on the ground, warning that anyone fighting alongside it would be targeted by the “mujahideen” as well.

The group, which controls Gaza which was occupied by Israel in 1967, has refused to recognise Israel’s right to exist and to maintain a military presence in the Palestinian territories.

On Tuesday afternoon, Israel launched a massive air and land invasion into Gaza, killing over 2,000 Palestinian civilians.

Hamas, which dominates Gaza, has been waging an insurgency for the past 12 years, claiming that Israel has carried out a “war of genocide” against the Palestinian people on its Palestinian homeland.

With the UN Security Council considering a resolution condemning Israel for the latest offensive, the United States made the announcement on a telephone call with the Egyptian and Palestinian officials.

“The U.S. and Egypt are prepared

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