How do you price homemade dog treats? – Pet Business Card Templates

A lot of people start out with a formula and sell it to food companies as “conventional” dog treats. This is a great way to get free dough for the doughnut shop. Unfortunately, there are many ingredients in a dog treat that would have to be excluded from a food, such as corn, wheat, pork, lamb or fish.

What kind of ingredients are too expensive? Many animal based products would be hard to price for commercial purposes. Many are more expensive than many processed goods. For example:

A single grain corn meal is approximately 14 cents per ounce.

A single can of corn flour at 1ยข per 25gram bag can be priced at $.15 to $.22 per gram. This averages about 5 cents per serving.

If you don’t think the above prices are too expensive, try pricing organic and natural ingredients separately. Organic food would cost less than natural foods.

There has been much ado about the inclusion of soy protein in some meat replacements. The FDA has classified soy proteins as a Class 5 carcinogen, which means they cause cancer. When this is combined with the use of GMO soy foods in commercial pet foods, it is hard to see any logic in putting soy based meat or a meat substitute of any kind on the market at such a reasonable cost or value.

What is meat/seaweed? Meat/seaweed is plant protein or animal protein (such as chicken, turkey, lamb or duck) that has been heated to form a dry consistency on a frying pan. It is sometimes called kibble. It does not contain any protein source other than flour, water and enzymes.

Can I get a dog treat with meat and/or seed in it? There are many ways to order dog treats. For instance, some retailers sell “dog treats with meat” or “dog treats with vegetable protein.” However, these are not the same thing. Generally, “vegan” treats are made of other animal protein and/or plant protein ingredients, like eggs and soy or fish. They contain no animal ingredients.

Why would someone buy raw dog protein?

Many people do not want to eat animal proteins, so they go to the grocery store instead of buying them as the traditional way to eat. Often raw dog protein can be costly. If you can’t or do not want to cook your dog, it makes sense to eat that dog protein in an all natural form by the pound, rather than buy in a store.

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