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Writing, or the creation of a story, is an art form. You will need to learn, write, and re-write all the time. Many new writers just give up after one or two attempts, or even worse, if I write an ad for a dog walking service and I’m not a professional writer, I will lose all my writing credit.

You may have to give up your favorite hobby, or try new things. Some people are good at writing and have worked very hard to learn the craft. If that is the case, you can also expect a lot of time to write that writing time, and a lot of frustration because of the time it takes to produce an ad.

I would love your feedback on all this information. If you have any tips for writers, consider sharing them in the comments section below! Here are some ideas for you:

Get a good story idea and develop it as a character development. Try to keep it simple.

Go back and rewrite your story and make it more interesting or change it.

Try and get a good description out of your story or try out a new story idea. A good description often helps a writer think out a scene to write and then write that scene to make a better and better description. A great scene can then be the script.

Be a writer! Write! Make your stories better every time!

And of course, write your story, but when you write it, make sure that it is of a high quality, that you feel proud of the work you have done, that you’re proud of yourself, and that you enjoy writing. A lot of time is spent doing this kind of stuff, but it is important to keep the passion in being a writer. There are many ways to do this besides writing and I will mention some here.

This is a quick review, hopefully something you can put into practice and start to become an artist of writing in your life. I will have more to say about this topic in the near future, so stay tuned and if you want, read my thoughts on writing in later articles you can find in The Art of the Writer.

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