How do I start a successful dog walking business? – Free Dog Walking Business Cards

Start by visiting your local PetSmart and purchasing dog walking essentials like bowls and dog beds.

4. Choose a reputable and professional dog walker. It’s not easy to find a reputable and professional dog walker. Most people know dog walkers who say they only provide dog walks to people with pets, but there are a bunch of other dog walkers who provide walkers for any pet. The more reputable and professional the dog walker you choose, the better for you and your dog.

5. Show up on the day. Dogs like to come in to their walks and meet their new friends and be with their owners. If you plan to meet your dog’s favorite owners, show up on the day, even if it’s just once.

6. Know how to use a dog walker’s leash. The leash you walk your dog with needs to be adjustable and well-maintained for all walks it’s worn in so that the new owner can keep their dog’s scent at arms length.
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7. Don’t do walkies alone. Be sure to always bring one dog with you, so you can do regular walks. A few walks is OK, but don’t do more than that.

8. Always supervise your dog, not your walker. Never leave your dog alone, even for a walk. This will also help prevent the dog from getting lost and become a target for other dogs that need to be kept off-leash to prevent bites.

9. Don’t pet your dog if you don’t want to. Don’t pet your dog if you don’t want your walker to. Also, don’t touch food for longer than the dog needs with your free paws. This is no good for your dog. It might seem like a dog eating a bone could be dangerous, but the risk is much less if you pet it, so avoid it.

10. Leave your dog’s cage unattended and empty. When it’s not your dog’s time to be petting, the more pets on a walk, the less likely your dog will be to stay on those walks in the future.

11. Don’t bring your dog to walkies alone. Let other walkers know you’ll be bringing your dog, then be on time so they won’t rush to make sure there’s nothing of theirs that they need to take home.

12. If you’re petting your dog you can’t watch it very well during walkies so

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