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Some cities are a snap to access and for those who can’t afford to drive to the city center, the city offers some of the best deals around. Here are two city-owned airports that you can fly across and get to where you need to go in no time.

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport offers a great alternative to Melbourne Airport, with flights to several cities in Australia, such as Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, with a direct connection to Perth.

Lonely Planet Airport

Lonely Planet Airport provides flights to Sydney and surrounding destinations in Australia. This award-winning airport offers a convenient option to take advantage of its low fares.

When should I fly from Sydney?

Sydney is a great alternative to Melbourne for domestic travellers interested in connecting to travel elsewhere. You can fly from Sydney on a daily basis and it doesn’t cost anything extra if you take advantage of a daily return flight.

Australia is a country that many international travelers like to visit. Traveling from Sydney will give you an opportunity to see the country you are visiting at an affordable cost.

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