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We can help your zoo expand and develop into a fully certified, licensed and/or registered zoo. To gain this certification, just fill out the Application for Zoological License. As a new or existing Zoos & Aquariums you will need some additional paperwork for a Zoo Approval (including any animal adoption and/or new animal care arrangements) and your Name, Street Address and your Phone Number.

You have a few years left to apply for this process, but this is recommended. If not, you may have to wait a period of years to get this certification. Some animals already have this credential, like the elephants at CITRAS Zoo Sanctuary – they have it after an animal adoption.

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What are my responsibilities under Zoos & Aquariums licensing regulations?

To become licensed as a Zoo or Aquarium, you will need to:

Be licensed as a zoologist in your desired discipline (zoology, reptile, amphibian, aquarium sciences). There are only 5 different zoological disciplines required to become licensed as a Zoological Institution: Mammal, Reptile, Amphibian & Fish. Reptile license is required for the reptiles like crocodiles, snakes, and amphibians.

Be able to give us the best care in caring for your animals. This includes a detailed description of your living arrangements. This includes all the animals as well as their care protocols.

Be able to keep the animals safe and comfortable. Any animal not taken care of at your facility will need to have its own enclosure.

Be able maintain the public’s trust and support. You must comply with all applicable federal, local and state, State animal welfare laws including the Animal Welfare Act, Section 5, Animal Welfare Regulations and regulations. Also, it is your responsibility to have all necessary permits and documentation with you.

Provide a detailed description of what you will do when, for instance, you need to move the animals to a new facility. Do not make promises to release your animal immediately after you move. You must also comply with State regulations including the Animal Welfare Act, Section 5.

How do I apply for a Zoo or Aquarium Licence (Zoological Institute)?

As long as your Zoological Institute is in good standing, its licenses are valid for 10 years. You can apply for these licenses online, or contact us using this form.

What are Animals in zoos and aquariums doing for the animals?

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