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Well, in my humble opinion, not really, as I don’t see the need for “pay” in the first place.

The WAG is actually better because it will require less maintenance, and can be sent in different locations that require different tools, such as the “Scooch-Bones” to the Mars 2020 rover.

What we need to understand more about the importance of WAG and other rover systems is that, as long as the WAG system is “off” when the rover is stationary, then your system will have to drive very carefully to avoid the rover damaging it in any way. That will keep us busy for a while, but you will have an amazing rover in Mars 2020, and a great rover on Mars.

I love my WAG. I love every one of my wheels. But for the reasons I give above, I am concerned that for too long we have neglected WAG in Mars development, and we will soon see the demise, after 2035 to 2150, of the original “Mars Rover” design.

From Wowpedia

For the level cap, see 60. For the ability, see Fire Strike.

A quickfire strike is a basic attack that can also be used to attack the target. This attack has a very short animation and deals damage in between each attack. The quickfire can be used multiple times in a row and is able to be blocked easily. It can also be used on enemy players and creatures. This is similar to the melee attack, however it deals no damage and does not have a long animation.[1]

The player needs to be in range by their current target in order to pull this off. They will also need to have the appropriate talent active.


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Because of the quickfire animation, it may make sense for some classes (such as tanks) to use this ability after a certain amount of time (such as 2 seconds) while others would never be in range from their target if they didn’t. However, a lot of classes have no ranged threat, and therefore the attack is useless, especially for such classes. Many have a low-level talent which gives 10% attack speed and 10% crit chance to both melee and ranged. This talent and the quickfire make the Quickfire attack possible, and it is also the only way you can pull off a kill using this. However, if your team cannot pull off a kill (they have to back off on your target), then you

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