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WAG is a “cost effective” technology, which means you should expect to see the same performance in your hardware and software.

But this is not the only value they offer: We recommend WAG if you are deploying new WAG in your infrastructure as your systems are still fresh and they may not be running out of memory or disk space.

You can start with WAG. If you already have a WAG cluster or a small WAG cluster, you can also follow the WAG deployment guide in detail. If you are deploying more than a few small WAGs, WAG could be a solution for you.

Note: The deployment guide for WAG differs from the deployment guide for WAG cluster deployments: it’s more about deployment of WAGs and the number of WAGs that you should deploy. This should be the same for WAG as it is for WAG cluster deployments.

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WAG requires a WAG cluster to work. However, you can deploy a WAG cluster just as standalone.

However, if you are deploying many small WAGs with a cluster, WAG would not be a very good option for you. For the first two weeks after your first launch, most of your WAGs will be deployed without any issues, but during the last four weeks the number of WAGs that you need to deploy will need to be set in advance. It has been confirmed that the WAG cluster also needs some extra attention during launch, and there is a risk of losing WAGs. This problem was addressed in the first release by introducing several new components such as the WSGI_Kernel, which allows multiple WAGs to be deployed from a single WAG cluster, and the WSGI_ApacheApacheMiddleware, which allows Apache to control all WAGs from a single WAG cluster.

We recommend you read the full documentation for both solutions before starting the deployment.

WAG does not need a server. But the WSGI software does: you can start WAG from WSGI applications using Apache/2 if you already have Apache installed. Also, for the WAG software, the WSGI runtime is needed to manage multiple WAGs in the WSGI web application for the first couple of weeks and that will be the right choice for the deployment of most WAGs in the world. However, you will need to configure a server to handle all the traffic. However, we have seen that

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