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In the past few years it’s gone from being a local pub with a small bar in a converted factory site to a boutique hotel and a luxury restaurant, and has received several accolades (and many critics criticizing its low prices). In a sense, a bar like Rover is a rare specimen of a kind of Americanized American restaurant: its price point is very affordable while the menu is highly varied, and the beer is often quite good. Rover is also often cited for its quality of workmanship. The proprietors of this small pub have had to adapt to some rough times – there’s the occasional closing and eviction; the neighborhood has been on the rise, so some neighbors will come to help out during times of trouble. However, the bar itself feels to me the epitome of quality and service. It really shines when the restaurant is busy with people waiting for their table; when we’re there, it’s not empty, but when they’re closed, they still seem to keep a good sense of order.

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This bar sits outside of the University District, across from the Student Union (UDS). It’s called The Loft, in honor of its location, and it feels to me like a tiny version of what the more upscale spaces in Georgetown have become. There is a little food court on the side of the bar, which also serves a patio with a view of Union Square. There is no formal seating, just tables on the patio and a small bar. It’s more intimate than the UDS, but has more character and character is definitely an important part of any restaurant.

If you don’t want a table upstairs but still want to have a nice restaurant in Georgetown, then try The Garden – there is a bar upstairs.

We have yet to try the newest restaurant/bar in Georgetown, the new concept by the same names, a restaurant/bar by Chef Eric Schlosser called Hometown Café. We’ll update you guys as we find out more about it.

We had a great time at the Georgetown Restaurant Week event in July. If you’d like to go or visit some of Georgetown’s restaurants and bars, check out our post here.

For a free guided walking tour of Georgetown, click here.

I’m so excited to share a video with my favorite part of the summer–the great outdoors–all covered in a fluffy blanket of warm sand from the Atlantic Ocean. I’m really happy with the beach I saw and what it will look

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