Do you need a permit to sell dogs? – Pet Care Businesses

An animal control officer may give you a permit if they believe there is a public safety concern for the safety of the public. If it is your first time owning dogs, an animal control officer may give you a conditional or temporary permit. These permits allow you to have pets as long as the conditions are met. The permits may only be issued once for a total of three years.

What if I am having issues with my animal?

If you have an issue with your animal or if you are having some type of problem with the animal, contact our Shelter at (503) 587-8229.

What if I need to remove my pet?

You can take your animal to the shelter, but we cannot take the animal to a “dumpster”, a garbage dump, or as a stray.

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The new governor of Mexico state of Sonora has announced he will leave office next month.

Roberto de la Cruz, a former interior minister, was voted governor on a mandate that required him to “turn the state around” and make it a “better place to live”.

He’s a well-regarded figure in the state and a former secretary for the environment.

Mr de la Cruz did not rule out a re-election bid to come into his second term.

He won with 66% of the vote in the May election. After the result he has announced a leave of absence from the state and his election on 7 September.

“I want to express my appreciation to the people of Sonora for their commitment to me on social issues, health and the environment but without which we will have no return to the good life,” he said on Tuesday evening after casting his voting papers.

His deputy has already said that he plans to re-enter the race.

“After this day I want to go back to public life,” Antonio Aguilar Ochoa, the deputy governor, told El Universal newspaper.

In October Mr de la Cruz was involved in an incident that saw six police officers wounded in a gang fight in Sonora.

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A mother and her two toddler sons have been attacked in the early hours of Tuesday morning while they slept at their home in Newcastle.

The horrific incident, at about 11.30am, happened at a terrace house on

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