Do you need a license to own a pet store? – Names For Pet Sitting Business

A pet retail license does not cover the business of offering pet accessories.

Can I buy Pet Shop license for an adult?

You are able to purchase any type of license, even if you are over the age of 21.

What is the license cost?

It depends on where you live. In most states you are able to obtain your license for free with the purchase of a pet supplies.

How can I find an agent?

As with finding a real estate agent, finding a pet shop agent can be tricky. You can search directly on the sites listed below, search by street address, by city, even by zip code. Be sure to always ask your realtor or the owner of a pet store they work with before you make a purchase.

Why does it matter where this stuff is found?

Where it’s sold is as important as their location. In most states where pet stores are legal, you can purchase the pet accessories without a license. But in states where you must purchase a license, buying or receiving some pet accessories can result in criminal penalties.

What is the difference between an adult or an adult pet store licensee?

Adult licenses are required to purchase specific items like cat cages, dog crates, kennels and more. Adults are able to purchase these items and more, while children and pet stores are not able to purchase them.

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Adult licenses are only granted to certain types of businesses, whereas pet store licenses allow you to purchase certain pet accessories.

Adult Licenses are awarded by state attorneys by the state officials. Adult pet stores cannot be granted a license.

The best way to determine if a business is able to purchase accessories is by looking at the store itself. Ask the owner who offers these items for any type of license. If there are no questions asked they are legally allowed to sell the items, but there will be issues to resolve.

Does my state mandate that pet stores be licensed?

No, state laws vary among states, which makes determining the legality to purchase pet accessories challenging.

How do I be sure I am shopping responsibly?

If you are unsure the pet store you’re purchasing from, you’re not alone. You may wonder how you can make the right decisions regarding your pet. This is a good place to consult with a licensed business professional. They will be able to explain the requirements for your particular store’s merchandise.

Pet shops that have a license can

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