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It depends. There are a few different options and you may or may not have to report or pay taxes on your dog sitting income and all of the income you receive from your dog getting food from your home. There’s no need to worry about this at all.

Are all dog sitters required to register?

The law says they are not; however, many do. Some say it doesn’t matter so much as long as they register. A few dog sitters say that even though they do not have to register, they still have a duty to report their income and make sure that their dogs get access to food from you at certain times of the day.

This could affect your dog’s feeding and the health of your dog if they are eating more and more. You might want to think about making an appointment to get it checked out.

My neighbors dog gets food from my dog sitting. Can they charge me for that?

A dog being fed by you on your property will not cost you a dime. The federal government does give states a break on the sales tax on food or pet supplies sold for your pets or other animals under your ownership. There is a federal statute called the Farm and Consumer Protection Act that gives your neighbors a break on the sales tax on food sold for their pets or other animals. They don’t have to register with you or get a license but you can pay them taxes if you choose to pay and make them register.

It’s up to their choice but you may be able to use it to your advantage in your negotiations.

Is there any paperwork involved with paying for food to feed a dog?

Yes; dog carriers are required to provide a carrier tax receipt so you have to prove that your dog was fed from them as well. It’s not uncommon for the dog sitter who fed your dog to be able to claim a credit on their tax return if they do not provide a carrier tax receipt and make you aware of this before you begin your paperwork.

Where are the carriers from?

You can generally use the USDA database on the internet. There is a service called that allows you to check the carrier of your dog sitting and see whether a dog sitting will have the same tax return rate as a carrier that does not have a license to do so.

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