Do dogs get sad when you leave? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukzn Email

No. Some will have the occasional day without you – but most dogs simply love us and will be very affectionate when we are away. We try to encourage our dogs to be with their owners when we are away by asking them to be in the room and to play.

Do you have any dogs, other than your own?

Yes – but none are “super” pets like I was (my German Shepherd), etc.

Do they take their training seriously?

In all honesty, they do! When we are gone, they are left alone for 2-4 hours. Once, when I was away, my German Shepherd took a nap in her crate when we were away for a few hours. She ended up having to be taken to the vet.

Do they take your dog for rides in her car? Or on a walk?

They often do, but not much more than we would do. Once, I got an email saying my German Shepherd wouldn’t come out when I was gone. She was in a special crate in the back of her car.

If you get really bored or nervous at a particular moment, you can take a call from me immediately. Sometimes, when we are away, she gets really tense and has an argument with her crate, so in that case, my son can come and take her. He does that as part of training for obedience, so if I get too close to her or if her body heat registers, she will stop eating or play. Once, my son had to go and get her as she got too stressed and started barking to get out of her crate.

Do you ever have a dog that you just can’t leave alone anymore?

Sometimes we have small groups and dogs that we just can’t tolerate being with anymore. In this case, my son or the other dog will give in and call for another dog to go and take their dog. It happens enough that my sons and I can be in the same room and have our dogs with us but when we are gone, I can’t have my boys or my old man in another room all alone and have a dog alone in their bed in their room.

Do your dogs take part in any sort of agility, competition, obedience, or agility-training?

Well, when we are away, we do an agility course for three weeks. We do some obedience and training for them, but none of them really get involved.

Do you

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