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There’s no hard and fast answer, unfortunately. Many dogs get sad when you leave, and others may not. But the best way to get a better understanding of your pooch’s feelings is to let them do it on their own. Try to be present and understand their feelings and needs. If a dog’s moods aren’t getting better quickly, it might be time to return or adopt.

What do I do if my animal has a hard time breathing?

Dogs can develop breathing difficulties due to:


Breathing too hard or too slowly


Poor circulation

Breathing in the morning (late at night) when it is colder

Stress in the morning

If your pup seems to be having breathing issues at night, you might want to change your dog’s sleeping habits. Make sure to change all of the bedding in the house, particularly the carpet. If that doesn’t work, try placing the dog’s bed in a different room, a warmer location, etc. A dog who usually sleeps with his legs crossed, may find it easier if he’s allowed to turn his head and see daylight. The same goes for cats that have short, sharp snouts or ears.

Breathing in the morning (late at night) when it is colder

Stress in the morning

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Your pup’s energy and activity levels can take a hit in the evening, and he may feel sleepy. If this is the case, try to make sure that he gets his favorite things—cups of milk, snacks, toys, or other treats—in his cupboard overnight and that they aren’t left out to dry. If you can’t force yourself to feed your pup, it may not be a matter of eating him, as it would be if you had to. You also don’t have to be concerned if he’s been doing well. He probably can make it through the night safely.

Breathing in the afternoon (evening in the city)

Stress in the afternoon

Your pet may become anxious and start shivering or panting while you’re at work or a picnic or dinner out. You might want to try and calm him down before leaving so that it will be safer to continue as normal. For dogs that are particularly good at detecting pressure (like mountain lions or big cats) or in the middle of motion (like pugs or huskies) it may be important

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