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The amount of tax paid on pet walks varies depending on a number of factors, but as is the case for other forms of income, it can be fairly high in some cases. Most pet-owning households pay state and local taxes through animal fees and state sales taxes. Some of the biggest owners, in fact, pay the combined tax on their pet (either a state tax or an individual tax). However, they often avoid paying even this large sum by claiming a tax exemption for their “companions.” (Also known as a companion animal license or pet tax return.)

These fees are a major source of income for many homes; one of each $100 in taxes paid annually. Some homes deduct part of their pet tax bill from their income taxes, but the total amount should be deducted from your income. (Some people are exempt from animal fees.)

A few states offer tax relief when it comes to pet owners. In some cases, you pay a fraction of your animal fees to cover state taxes, even though you pay a significant sum to the state to care for the animal. For example, some states offer state income tax deductions for pet ownership.

The best time for your household to pay a pet-tax bill depends on your income. Some people pay a tax bill on an annual basis, but others pay on a monthly basis. In other cases, you pay a tax bill only if you live in states that exempt pet-related fees. In other words, your pet-tax bill is not affected by the number of times you visit a veterinarian or veterinary clinic.

Is the government helping needy owners?

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), a non-partisan group representing state legislatures, reported in 2013 that nearly 1,000 pet owners and others filed for tax-preparation services each year—typically over 3,000 households in each of the 50 states. The NCSL also estimates that the tax-preparation services in these households total about $18 million. These tax filing services include everything from the $24 fee for a paper application to the monthly tax-prep advice of an attorney.

It can be difficult to find the answer to where to file your tax return, since federal, state, and local agencies are busy and often in the right place at the right time. Ask your tax preparer to list the appropriate agency in your state.

How to avoid paying pet-tax headaches
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If you live in a state that offers an

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