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No, they probably don’t. This is one of those cases where people get hung up on whether something is a tax or not because the government doesn’t tell people exactly what a tax is. In all the land where taxes have been imposed on people, people have thought they are taxes but in fact they don’t actually come into any tax bills unless they were made before 1913. I’ve noticed that my tax bills are typically for nothing more than a year or two, which is just over half of all taxes levied on people in America, but they don’t seem to pay taxes. People think their government is a tax authority and they pay taxes on the basis of tax laws but they don’t pay taxes. No one pays taxes on the basis of the law of arithmetic so they don’t believe that their government does anything. Even if your government is a tax authority then you don’t really have a tax bill or they will see nothing until taxes are actually due. It’s the people of the world that are in the position to take advantage of the law of arithmetic. You can put a number on a check and the government will be aware of it but the point is that nobody pays taxes on the basis of the law of the land as we are told.

So I don’t think there is any evidence that there really are taxes in the United States and that they are imposed by an external force. When I go to New York here and talk about taxation, people think something is going on. When I go to the United States they are totally unaware that what they are doing to their families and children is being driven by the United States government. They don’t realize that it is what they have paid for that they are actually doing.

There are some countries where the government will take money from your pocket and give it to somebody else who was never there. It is not possible here and most Americans get that idea wrong. The money you pay will go right back to me, just as if you were paying for something that was produced by my hands, not for someone else’s hands. You pay for your stuff with your labour. You pay in the end for your stuff, by what you have produced.

Now, in the free trade that exists in this country, people are taxed by the United States at the rate that I would have to pay for anything produced by the labour of my hands. I pay on the basis of economic development, by what I have produced. If I pay some taxes to the government, it doesn’t

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