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The truth is more nuanced.

Dogs may have the right to walk on public property, but the rules about that often aren’t followed. In New York, people are allowed on the sidewalks after 5 p.m. so long as they’re on a leash for the entire time. But if they cross a street, that’s another matter. The city requires that dog walkers be on a leash for their own safety.

In New York, most dog owners are responsible, and pay property taxes. In fact, they pay about as much as homeowners, but there are other taxes that also go, well, to dog walkers. Property owners often subsidize the cost of dog walkers for people that don’t own a dog—like a family that lives in a small apartment with their dog.

Dogs may have the right to walk on public property, but the rules about that often aren’t followed.

The tax system works better with people that know what they’re doing. They may drive a car for $2,000 a year, but when they’re on a dog walk, they pay no taxes on their property. The dog owner pays property taxes as usual, and if they’ve been on a dog walk for the past five years, that would be their first year of property taxes on their home. And since the tax breaks go up every year, the home owner could be paying $120 a month for dog walks.

There’s a lot of debate about how to handle the cost of taking animals on public sidewalks for walks, and whether people who don’t own a pet may be treated differently than pets that get around on their own. For example, New York state requires that those who provide free dog walking services have to be current on their tax returns and provide their services in the best manner possible.

The problem isn’t whether people should treat pets differently. It’s those pets that are often treated as different. While I wouldn’t say that people shouldn’t take pets on the public sidewalks at all, the public shouldn’t be treated differently by people who take them on the public sidewalks.

We don’t know if dog walking isn’t as safe as we’d like it to be for people who don’t have children. And while it’s true that dogs are generally safer than other large creatures, this has to do more with the way that certain dogs are kept and the behavior of some owners than anything else.

Do you know of any pet owners that are not responsible pet

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