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Dog walkers who choose to take their dogs off leash should have a license. In most cases, dog owners get a dog license every year on their birthday or in the event of another dog owner changing their name.

What do I know about dog licenses?

Many states license dogs on their birthday. Most states give out a license fee every three years in addition to the $25 initial fee for each dog. If your state does not have a license fee, you may wish to check with the state license agency of the city, town and county where you live. For example, if your city, town and county all have an “Dog Handler’s Training and Certification” (DWHC) training and certification program, you might check that agency. If your dog’s DWHC is not offered in your state, you may wish to look at programs available in other states. To find out if your area has a dog licensing program, click HERE

You must have a valid license in your state or city from the state or city with the DWHC training and certification program.

Licenses that are not issued by a DWHC and do not contain a license fee (for example, those that are issued by a city, county and/or a college) are not legal to own.

If I have no proof that my dog’s registration is expired, can I just keep it?

Most states require that the owner obtain proof of the validity, renewal or cancellation of a dog’s registration. You do not need to supply proof of your dog’s death or any other action that has rendered their dog unauthorized. If your dog’s registration is not valid, your dog is unregistered.

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I am in the process of obtaining additional license fees for my dogs to make my dog’s training fee go to the cost of the dog not being properly registered — must I wait until then, or can we pay at the time it is issued?

Yes: If you decide that you want to pay your dog’s training and registration fees by credit card, you must pay for your processing fee the following month. You should keep in mind; however, this does not give you the rights that come with paying fees by credit card.

How can I verify the validity of a dog’s registration?

As noted, a license must be available from the DWHC if an unregistered dog is to be registered as a service dog. The most commonly recognized organization that provides these

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