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Only licensed dogs can operate a mobility aid on public property or within 3 feet of a property line. For an example, a person must have a valid license for each mobility aid. You can obtain a valid license for your dog as long as it contains your valid photo ID.

Is a service dog required for my dog’s license?

You can only have one mobility aide per pet. For example, if a person requires two mobility aides, no person can operate a mobility aid for more than one pet at a time. An “equivalent number” of mobility aids may be available to operate in an apartment complex.

Is a service dog required for a pedestrian?

An equivalent number of mobility aides may be available to operate in an apartment complex.

In a multi-family apartment building with multiple apartments, each individual mobility aide may only be operated by one pet per pad.

My dog is so tired it has to stay at the wheel?

No, mobility aids are used to relieve stress, not to keep your dog safe.

Can I ride without mobility aids?

You can ride without a mobility aid if the mobility aid is properly secured.

Can my dog use a mobility aide while I am not using it or on an adjacent property?

Yes. However, mobility aids must be secured in an approved manner.

What is a security tether?

A security tether is a device, such as a strap, that is used to secure a mobility aid on a person’s person, in a safe manner, to a stationary object, and on or near a pedestrian. The device must be properly secured in a safe manner, so as to prevent accidental movement or access of the mobility aid to the owner or other individual.

How many of the mobility aids for my dog is needed to keep up with all of my other pets?

If you carry a pet, two or more of the mobility aids for your dog should keep up with and accommodate the majority of your pet’s physical limitations and activities. It is important that when you transport or use a mobility aid, you secure it securely in a safe manner and allow it to be accessible, accessible, and accessible.

Is a mobility aid needed for wheelchairs?

The Mobility Aid is not necessary for a pet who is wheeled. If a person with a mobility disability is using a mobility aid and he/she is unable to use the mobility aid because of physical impairments such

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