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I’m surprised you’ve never heard of this. Puppies are not pets, they are property. They are not allowed in or out of home without a permission sticker. Puppies need to be kept in proper housing so it is not possible to sell them out of your home. If you need to keep a puppy in your home, it needs to go through some additional steps. I’d suggest calling a licensed breeder to make sure he is licensed and has all paperwork together, or call a local shelter, since shelters have a much clearer idea and are able to take the care of their dogs with more care and attention. It is possible to keep an older dog in a cage, but most dogs get too old and are left in the crate for much longer than they need.
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Shedding questions

Is it possible for a person to kill a dog? In my family the dog is not used to dogs being killed and has a high chance of killing someone. However, there’s no one we cannot trust with our dog and he does not kill when he sees someone not familiar with this type of interaction. We want the best for him. How do you know if it is safe for the person to kill the dog with an axe or similar tool? Can it be done quickly and without a chance to run back in fear? If so, when can they do it? Can you have an axe and someone with a saw or other object that can do it quickly, in a matter of minutes with no danger?

I would really like to know how much protection are there for my dog from the outside if he has his back to someone and it is very cold outside? I would like to know if I live near a playground or a play yard and would like a fence that can fit my dog, he would have the same problem. I could also have a fence, I might not have the ability to make it large and fit the size of my dog, but it would be easier to make and easier to fix.

If it’s too cold outside and I have a dog, I would probably be better off taking him outdoors and let him have some exercise inside. If the weather is really bad outside, you may have to go inside and buy air-conditioning.

We had a dog when I was a child and we would have to buy our coats every two years. We would not be able to afford such a large purchase and would have to use an old blanket. Now with our dog living closer, we

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