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No. Although your breeder has granted you a license, you must be licensed for the purpose for which you are placing the dog. In other words, you can not sell or sell-open any animal, dog, or cat which is not currently licensed. You would probably want to seek licensure before selling.

How much do you cost?

The cost of registering an animal to be licensed by the AKC or the CKC can vary widely depending on which AKC or CKC your breeding company is registered with. This will depend on whether you are a domestic breeder, kennel or wholesale breeder.

You may be able to save on your registration costs by purchasing a one-time, small fee, temporary one to replace the current fee you have paid at the time you registered the animal.

How often do I have to register my dog?

There is no specific number of times your breeder is required to register the dog. However, in most cases it is not as high of a priority to register every dog once per year. Your breeder will most likely register the dog at least every two years. For example, to prevent the breed from becoming over-stylized, a breeder will register at least one puppy a year.

How do I register my dog?

If you are purchasing a dog from a breeder using AKC-registered, and CKC-licensed, registration numbers, you generally do not have to register the dog directly with AKC or CKC for it to be eligible for breed registration. You do however have to register your puppy for the AKC if you wish to breed it.

To register on AKC-registered lines you will need to contact your breeder at (800) 829-6226 for details about registering your puppy with AKC.

To register on CKC licensed lines you can contact your breeder (800) 827-6111 for details on registered dogs.
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Please note that in most cases breeders will not register your dog for use in competitions, AKC shows, or CKC shows. AKC members do have a different process for registering dogs in shows. There are two steps to register a litter of puppies. The first step would involve registering your puppy for the AKC and the CKC. If this is not done immediately, or if you choose a breeder who does not have your puppies registered for AKC or the CKC for a bre

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