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The National Humane Animal Care Standards Council (NHACSC) has created a checklist that veterinarians can use to help determine whether a particular dog is right for a particular setting. See the list here:

Can I see the photos showing the training I did on my dog?

Yes! Each year in 2017 our staff photographs our trained dogs at work or as part of training. The photos are displayed on the website so that you can see what our dogs are doing as well as what we are doing to make them comfortable. See our Facebook page for a link to the Facebook page where you can see the photos in their new location:

Can I see all of the materials I need to start training my dog?

YES, of course! Please see our list of materials below. You CANNOT order materials from the NHACSC directly online but can pay $25 at our box office or mail an order form to 3307 N Main St, Suite 100, Des Moines, IA 50294-2220. This includes the following documents:

Training Course Guide for Dogs

Training Program Requirements

Dog Training Manual

Dog Training Manual 3, 6, and 12 (for dogs six and under only)

How to Train Your Dog In Five Steps (for dogs six and under only)

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Can I see the pictures of dogs that have completed our training program?

We have photographs of each dog from our first training class posted on each training program website. For example, check our “Dog Trainer Training Videos” video or watch a video of our “Dog Prowler Training” video, all available here:

What if I am interested in teaching a dog how to work properly with humans?

If you are interested in teaching a dog how to work properly with you, read more about our canine training program and about teaching dogs how to use signs and communication.

I am looking for more information and want to contact someone in the Animal Care Council.

If you need more information about the NHACSC or want to speak to one of our animal care educators

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