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Yes, it will be extremely difficult for people to see you as a dog walker, but it has never been hard for me to earn a living doing it.

It’s my passion, of course, with the added benefit of being an absolute joy to be around!

Do you have many pets?

I have two dogs and two dogs in training: my first was the wonderful Chunky, now he’s become a young golden retriever.

I currently get a good bit of free time from being out training a dog, so I do try to make it a part of my day!

I did have a few dogs, but one was sadly lost very recently, and my other two dogs are both very gentle. (I have two other dogs I can’t tell you about, so no pictures!)

Can you travel by bus and train?

I currently take a bus each day between Newcastle and Edinburgh to get around.

It’s always more comfortable, and easier – as I know all my stops and what direction my train is going in, I don’t have to keep thinking where the train is going while I’m waiting for it to arrive!

For travelling I use:

the bus to Newcastle – I love the train, but it is so much slower – no need to wait around for it!

a train to Glasgow – This is fast! It’s a much more comfortable way of getting around the country, but you have to know where you’re going. It’s not exactly the fastest, but it’s a good way of getting to the point I want to go – so when I’m travelling I’ll just turn the bus around, and I’ll probably only be walking for around six or seven kilometres.

the trains into Edinburgh – I love taking this! It’s so much faster – the first train is never far away, although the journey may be different if you are heading to get around a big town or a major tourist attraction.

If I want to train, I’ll often take a bus. It’s great for getting around without having to wait or be in a train. There’s definitely more space for you to stand!

Which language do you speak fluent?

I can speak very good English – I’m quite good. I’ve always loved languages and I’m an experienced swimmer. I’ve also been to school in different countries and have studied French, Spanish and German, so I can say I could

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