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I know in the past people have said NO with their dogs but I’ve met SO MANY people that don’t understand the difference between the dog park and a dog park at all. It’s almost like when I walk my dogs in the city. I’ll drive by your home and they still won’t come. How many times do that, do you understand? I don’t know how to set up dog parks around the neighborhood. I just want to go for a walk. I’ll give you an example. When I first moved into my town house, I had a dog that liked to go in the back yard. I had no trouble getting him out and letting me walk him in the back yard. I would ask around and would tell people I had a dog that liked to eat grass. They would point me to their dog owner that wouldn’t let me walk him in the back yard. I found that interesting as the neighbors wouldn’t let me go to the back yard because we had a dog owner. I was like WHAT. I walked my dog in the yard for years and they just didn’t bother me. I realized I had to do something about that. I had to find a solution. I finally had an idea that would allow me to bring the back yard dog in the front yard.

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What about a designated dog training area in the yard? I know some people that have a designated spot for their dog in the yard but you don’t see it in the pictures, what exactly does this do?

What happens if I let my dog get to a certain area with the grass cut off? It’s kind of sad because it’s not like I can go back there and cut the grass. It’s all grass. Maybe if I just get rid of the grass, that should work with the city.

Is there any kind of permit needed to give them access to my property? It does sound like a pretty hefty application. Do I just write someone a letter and they can do it?

I can never believe how much work it takes. I’m constantly asking people if they like the idea of letting their dogs run near the backyard but they will say NO. Can I let the city’s dogs run around where my dogs are now? Or will it be a dog park in the back yard with no yard access? They will also say NO. Where it’s a designated dog park? They will just say NO. I’ve even called on my friends and neighbors to help me and no one wants to let

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