Why is drawing important? – Pencil Drawings Of Lion Face

So how many people are good in drawing?

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There’s a reason why everybody’s happy when they’re good in drawing. If everybody was good in drawing, then every person would find a hobby. The best hobby is to be good in drawing. And the reason why everybody’s happy when they’re good in drawing is it’s a kind of reward. You get to be happy doing what you wanted to do all along!

If you want to become good at drawing, then the goal is to become good at drawing. The good thing about drawing is that you get to be happy to do it. If you don’t like it, then it doesn’t feel good. The thing is doing something you love is the most important thing. Do your best.

Drawing for the sake of drawing is something you should avoid. That’s something that won’t make you happy. It’s like a drug. When people are happy, they’ll keep doing it. It’s much bigger happiness than getting high.

If you want something, do something good.

When you do that, you’ll have more peace.

But I didn’t do that. The thing is, I didn’t draw for the sake of drawing, but… for the sake of drawing. (Laughs)

Do I have to say something else important?

But you said there’s no satisfaction and no pride in drawing when you’re good in it!


What is it that you want doing? If the truth is this, I think it’s something else.

That’s right. That’s correct. But it’s so easy to think that you should be happy doing something you don’t like. (Laughs) The other problem is that you think about what you should be doing when your face’s red, and you shouldn’t think about what you should be doing when your face’s green. The more you think about it and you think about what you should be doing, the more trouble it gets.

So, the other thing is that I get stuck at what I have to do when I get into trouble. I know it’s hard but I’m getting to a point where all I think about is drawing. As long as you can take it in and think about drawing, all you’ll see is your own face when you get into trouble. I get stuck in that time because all my thoughts are drawing. So, if you’re always focusing on the drawing, no matter what

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